Better your site’s performance levels by getting a USA Linux Semi-dedicated Package.

At ARMOR TECH LTD HOSTING, you will have the option to make full use of our USA Linux Semi-dedicated Packages. They are an exclusive blend of cloud website hosting accounts and dedicated servers hosting package. They feature the capacity of a dedicated server but don’t call for any administration tasks and excessive monthly fees. In addition, your semi–dedicated server is going to be located in the state–of–the–art USA datacenter in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

With the Linux semi-dedicated packages hosted in the USA datacenter, you are able to easily make use of very good connectivity and powerful hardware parameters that the data center is offering. We have additionally created our tailor–made inhouse network working with exclusively enterprise class hardware solutions from Juniper. Doing this, we can easily guarantee a 99.9% network uptime with each and every USA Linux Semi-dedicated Package.

All of our USA Linux Semi-dedicated Packages offer our completely free ARMOR TECH LTD HOSTING Online Control Panel that’s developed to run fully within the cloud. Doing this, you’re free to take advantage of our Online Control Panel, but your semi–dedicated server doesn’t have to actually invest any resources to maintain it. The entire power is reserved for your online presence solely. Another noteworthy benefit of the ARMOR TECH LTD HOSTING Online Control Panel is that it’s bundled with free of charge site setup tools that can significantly enhance the overall performance of your website. For example, you can easily make full use of our collection of site accelerators that enable client–side caching and which can help you accelerate your web site. You can also make use of our real–time statistics tool, that will start accumulating data instantly the second your web site gets live. Plus, actually zero setup is required from your end.

Other US Hosting Services

The USA datacenter delivers plenty of web hosting options for all customers depending on the websites and web applications they want to run. We offer USA Cloud Website Hosting for anybody who wants to launch a personal blog, portfolio or maybe an e–commerce store. ARMOR TECH LTD HOSTING’s cloud hosting packages offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and also a com domain name for just $9.95. If you intend to set up a development environment or if you require additional quotas for your web presence, then you can go with our USA Linux VPS Packages. Our Virtual Private Servers have a selection of Control Panels and feature extra quick SSDs. If you want a new home for a popular web site or a very CPU–intensive web application, then you can opt for each of our USA Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages. They boast reliable hardware setup and deliver a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.